Illustrator and Story Artist

Hi There!

My name is Julia but with the G, because I am italian and this is how we spell it, Giulia.

I was born in the mid 80's in a small village that is known for Gorgonzola cheese, foggy weather and killer mosquitoes, but when I was 18, I left the comfort of the provincial life to chase my dreams and keep studying Art.

So, I first moved to London where I learnt to speak English (and to survive on my own), then Rome where I studied illustration and finally to Turin where I achieved my degree in 2D animation, and learnt how to brew beer.
Later, my love for theatre, quirky people, and stinky pubs brought me back to London, where, I have been lucky enough to join amazingly talented teams such as King and Space Ape, and work as a Game Artist, Illustrator and Storyboard Artist for remarkable clients like

Stephen Silver, the English National Opera, the Oxforn University Press, Igloobooks, Playboy, the Sun and many more.
Nowadays, I continue my career by the Oslo fjord in Norway, where I spend my free time exploring forests, drawing animals and daydreaming of publishing my own children book.